From the conceptual stage of a new project to its execution and completion, we at Shamim Engineering Group have been involved with bringing a vast array of projects into fruition. With 30 Plus years of experience in Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical Engineering, each member of our expert team is well-versed and prepared to help our clientele with unrivaled attention and creative technical designs to complement our clientele’s dream build all while considering any budgetary constraints.

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Providing A Perfect Harmony Between
Engineering Design And Architecture

Our Core Values

Great Services

Every project is different and deserves the absolute most attention. We strive to create an Engineering design that is not only consistent with a project’s budgetary requirement, but to complement the Architecture design without compromising our Clientele’s goals and wishes.

Highest Standards

Each Project is designed to the latest standards set forth by State and Local Ordinances to ensure a compliant build. In addition, our team members are always up to date with the latest products out there providing our client’s with the top of the line and most efficient products to date.

Professional Team

With a team of combined experiences, we strive to learn the newest codes, products, and technical design to ensure our projects receive the best design and attention. Not only do we strive to be up to date with regulations and codes, we are determined to understand our Clientele’s goals in order to help them achieve them without sacrificing aesthetics

Creative Solutions

No project is too small or too big. Each project is unique to itself and presents a list of requirements that we will meet. Each build presents its challenges, but with those challenges comes creative solutions to ensure a functioning and unparalleled design.